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I Miss You Guys

I love you guys and I miss you.

Ggggggwaaaaarts. i miss you come visit me. i lava you.

CccccCccccccc. i'm coming home next weekend we need to stonefire or something? wuuvvvvv you.

Goooonnnooorrrhhhhheeeaaaaa. berkeley took you from me. oh well. thanksgiving? love you.

love you guys.miss you mucho.

<333 herpesssssssss


tomorrow there's a little reunion with ggggggwarts and cc. im excited cant wait to see yall and talk for hours about our summer.


well i was just thinking that if we were still in hs we would so be having a car party tomorrow. and then wear our stuco shirts on friday. and have a skirt day or a cardigan day in between.

all our fun times are just memories now: taco bombs, grape wars, picture days, fish face, my brake stick, starbucks, hawaiian bread, let the rain fall, fallopian tubes, swoosh swoosh, dancing in the car, mcdonalds, cup n noodles, and all that other stuff. oh man did we have a blast every morning. getting up at 6 every morning and going to school to get a parking spot at like 6:40 was so worth it.

now heres a little note to everyone from me:

cc: i love you and i have missed you so much. i havent seen you since grad night at the coffee shop. im glad that you had a blast in israel and i so cant wait to see you on tuesday. i know that you're working harding and going to school and being awesome. you better study hard so i can see you in san diego soon. i hope to visit  you on friday and you better not forget me this upcoming year cause who else will i rate people with? UBER GRODY haha. i miss you and i looooove you.

steamy g: you better be good at berkeley. i know that the freaks are following you. all the scary pale-inbred weirdos (no offense to anyone reading this from cal) haha beware of the ball juice on jane's pillow and make sure you dont get raped by "the rapist." its so weird not having you close by me. you're more than 1 mile away from me for the first time in like 18 years. its kinda scary. when i move we'll be even farther away. you better be good and do your homework. and when you come home i hope you dont have the scary midget man humping your leg. i love you my awesome sister friend.

ggggggwarts: hey. i just saw you today. and guess what? im seeing you again on tuesday. and i saw you yesterday. man i just cant get rid of you. jk jk. i love you so much. and i love your "old lady" shoes. you're too hot for me to handle. i'm so excited that you wont be too far from me. i promise to try and visit at least every other month. but you have to promise to come and visit me in irvine. i love you man. we have hung out so many times this summer but im not sick of you. you are my awesome prodigy and i cant wait to see you on tuesday. i love you awesome friend. and im glad you are right here with me. and good luck with your myspace and dont post too many embarassing pictures of us STDs.

if you guys want to contact me here is my new address at school:

Ana Vargas

517 E. Peltason Dr, 309

Irvine, CA 92617


kitkatvar@yahoo.com <--- email me here

i love you guys and you better mail me stuff. keep in touch and use my cell phone number. i know you all have it!

<333 herpes


new icon test

hey! its herpes. i made 3 new icons so use them. they're way cute and i miss you all. im hanging out with g.warts! we miss you guys!

<333 herpes and gwarts


hiyee girls!!

i miss you all so much its not even funny!!! i havent talked to marlenie since.. graduation. what a bum... i miss you flypaper!! try not to intimidate all those icky boooooys at school (that sooooo goes for nikki too!!) but ya.. so.. 10 days till moving day... i still havent gone shopping for dorm stuff yet.. oo.. my roomie emailed me.. she seems really nice (through an email ^-^) and she says all of our suite mates are super too.. this is gonna be fun :) oo.. and girlies.. ull be proud of me.. im going shopping with my aunt on friday.. she reminds me of marlene.. (expensive fashon n all).. she was lecturing me about when you go shopping.. buy the entire outfit not just a part. and so.. just watch.. imma spend like.. a lot of money and look not like me... but ya.. if any of the stds read this.. CALL MEEEE!!! i miss you all to peices!!

and nikki.. if u read this.. GO BACK TO DOING YOUR HW!! ( you too marlenie!!)

i love you guys!! *muahZ* <~G.W. aka fly :)  


Sep. 2nd, 2004

Hey girls! I miss you all! Hope the summer went great! I miss our morning "talks" and crazy ideas (aka taco boms, grape wars, sing a longs). I miss even more the fact that I don't have a car! hahaha booo. well anyways, i juist wanted to write to ya guys sooo here it goes:

Dear Hot Herpes:
I miss you so much! I miss being SO close to you. I never thoght it would come so fast. I hope everything's okay and that your ankle is completely better. I hope you're having fun with the rest of your summer break. There's a lot to do once you're in college. Hopefully you get the room assignment (kat) that you want. I miss you and that you "Don't do Ugly." Just remember..you better not replace me with someone (esp worse than me) in college! hahaha I'm always here for you. I am always an email or a phone call or even a postal mail away. I love you! i miss you!!!!Be careful, study hard, look for guys that DESERVE you-never settle for anyone less than that, and always have faith. Muah!

Dear Chlamydia,
 I hope your trip to israel went well. I hope your summer went well, because like mine...i know it's already over. First week of school! YES! It's been sooo long since i've been able to talk to you. I can't believe I haven't seen you since grad night! We didn't even get to hang out over the summer. I miss you! You seriously need to tell me when you're coming up to visit Bina. I promise i'll visit you too. I just have to set my dates. I'll let you know after this weekend. How's school? Watch out. There are a lot of weird stalker guys at pierce (shiver shiver). In a few years I can come visit you at ucsd! Make sure you keeep me updated on everything. I love you and i'll call you soon muah!!!

Dear G-(g-g-g)G Warts!
   Horby! I miss you! Why does your voicemail not work it makes me so sad. I love you! I hope the australia trip went or is going well. Live up the summer (aka sleep in all you can when you get back). I wish you could be here with me but i guess youd do better at sd. Then i could introdue you to bums. Then again youd be really dissappointed by all the guys. Really. hahaha ya well it makes me sad. I miss you i miss you i miss you Call me soon.

I love you all. Make sure to sen me your addresses once you move. e-mail is. nikki_fernandez@berkeley.edu and address is:
2650 haste Street
Berkeley, California
94720 2278

Much love and tons of misses-gonorrhea

Happy Birthday Gonorrhea


<333 herpes

Yay!! It's an update!!

ok.. so wow.. i havent updated in the longest time.. so imma try to make it a good one...

so ya... can you believe that high school is already over.. imma miss my STDs and our car days... and for those of you that were wondering... this is what we did in the morning beside throw taco bombs well.. at least nikki kathy and marlene did.. im not a big makeup freak like they are :) but we did other stuff too!! like bugged mark in his car... seee

 (its kathy!! holding a drawing of mark <~ i love that drawing kv!! heres a bigger version of it! 

But ya.. our car days were fun... i miss marlene's craziness.. heres a pix of her doing.. um.. something to kathy's car 

(MARLENIE!! when are u coming back!?!? I miss you!)


and just for your viewing pleasure.. here are some great pix of the STDs!


well.. can you believe it!! we're high school graduates!!! yay!! and dood!! heres some pix of that too!!

seeee.. this is awards night.. where nikki was the bestest and she did a uber job!! (Yay nikki!!)


grr!! wheres marlenie!! she was sittting right next to us!! i have no pix of her.. dorkiness!!

but ya... we graduated!!

we made it through high school without getting drunk (well.. most of us), getting arested, or killing anyone!! yay!! see!! (marlene went missing again)

so ya... now.. schools starting again with us spread all over the state.. nikki is leaving next week for Berkeley!!(what am i gonna do without her!!) Marlene is in Israel right now (and i have no idea when she's getting back!) Kathy's in Mammoth (she comes back next week) and I'm leaving for Austrailia next week.. dood.. we're already so split apart! but ya u guys!! i miss you!! remember me when you're studying hard (marlene/nikki), talking to two-first-names vince (nikki), putting on your makeup (all of you people), or just sitting around doing nothing!!! I LUV YA!!!

psst!! sowie this is such a long entry!! i wanted to share the pix with everyone :) and hopefully marlene can see them while she's in Israel!!


~*muahz*~  <~G-Warts!~> 

(Remember to keep posting okie dokie!!)

i love the stds. i miss the stds. yeah call me.


beach day... i guess not

so today was supposed to be our beach day. losers. i thought that it was going to fall through. losers. we totally planned this like 5 months ago or something. losers. i cant believe it. losers. this really sucks i wanted to see you all. losers. if you read between the sentences there is a message for you. losers. but i still love you. losers. at least i guess i do.

<333 herpes